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Microsoft and the DOJ

We all know that the Department of Justice has gone after Microsoft accusing it of unfair competition. There is a simple way to understand this.

Let us say you have 2 car manufacturers who are selling cars which are almost alike, like same engine HP, look, feel, etc. Now you as a customer want to pick only 1 NOT 2 cars. Which one do you buy ?The first thing to do is to test drive each car and see how it feels. It would still seem difficult to say for sure which car is better.

Now imagine manufacturer A built the road that you are using during your test drive, obviously their car is going to perform better. Now think that the operating system (Windows) is the road, and the different software applications (like IE or Chrome) are the cars that you run on them.

So coming back to Microsoft & DOJ, it was once suggested that the applications and the operating system have to be separated out into 2 different companies, which I think is fair to all.

In reality Microsoft has come to some sort of a legal settlement with the DOJ.




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