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Nan bread & Butter chicken ? who ? what ?

I am sure most of you have an idea of of nan breads, after all it is the star of the Indian culinary delights out in the west, and I am sure butter chicken is not far behind. So when my friends in the US asked if I ate a lot of these in India, I replied with an emphatic NO. So now they wonder if I really grew up in India (haha).

Think of the European Union (EU), and say you go to France and ask the folks there if their favorite food is Spanish, what kind of a response will you get ?

India is very much like the EU, each state is like a separate country, each with a different language, script, culture, and specifically foods.

While the transplanted people of Punjab were busy making their home cooked recipes popular in the west, we back in India living in states other then Punjab were eating our favorite dishes like rooti (thin bread), cholar dal (lentil soup), sorse ilish (mustard shad fish curry) and like (all favorites from my native Bengal). Only in the last decade or so have Indians caught with the each other in a culinary sense.


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