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To Vista or not/ User Access Controls

I for one have not jumped on the Microsoft VISTA bandwagon, because I am usually very cautious about any new software. Let the general population work out the bugs and the kinks, and after  a few rounds of patches and fixes I may be inclined to use it.

So far I have noticed quite a few of my colleagues who have been struggling to get their favorite softwares to work on VISTA. I just hope Microsoft extends their support for XP till the general user community gets a better grasp.

One big help I got was by disabling the "User Access Controls", that has made VISTA more friendly.

We are so used to downloading and installing software on the fly, that when we put in more controls life becomes a pain. Actually these controls may actually prevent malicious downloads but at the same time software we need also gets stopped.

Also I had to get a laptop with atleast 2 GIGS of memory (RAM) for VISTA to function properly. A collegue of mine has installed Windows 7 (beta version) on his PC, and he is very impressed. It (WIN 7) does not need souped up PC hardware.

Anyway I hope I can bypass VISTA and jump straight to Windows 7, as I am a Windows fan on the desktop side of things. In the meantime, I pray to the gods of Redmond to keep XP alive.





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