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Yahoo Photos and Flickr

I am a big fan of Yahoo, and I have used it extensively since it's inception. I use the instant messenger, yahoo voice, mail and web hosting. I think Yahoo in the early days was cutting edge (Yahoo's founders with their Stanford Phd search engine technology), then I heard about how Yahoo Photos is being closed in favor of Flickr, it got me wondering.

Here is a social networking poineer humbled by a much more slick user interface and feature rich photo website. Should Yahoo not have put in more effort into  innovation and maintained it's lead. I wonder if the yahoo management got complacent and felt invincible, till web humilty set in.

Could not have Yahoo done better than buying out the whole Flickr team, what ever happened to their very own software development folks ?

Anyway it makes a nice story with the streotypical David versus Goliath twist.



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